Along with a few other Get Messians, I participated in a very special project. This magazine holds art journal spreads that feature our feelings toward the Migrant crisis that is rocking our world. In light of the events of last week in Paris and Beirut, in light of the everyday flight that refugees have to face in order to hope for a better life, we artists wanted to share our compassion. We wanted to make an impact. So we made this magazine. All profits will be donated to the UNHCR, an institution that supports refugees regardless of where they come from. Please help us make a difference by purchasing this magazine. It would make a great present this Holiday Season.

I am sharing my friend Torrie’s words here because she said it perfectly :

Before we knew what the week would hold for the world, a group of Get Messians came together to create an art journal magazine to support and donate proceeds to the UNHCR to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis. A group of 14 members from our own Get Messy tribe created every page in this magazine, and put their hearts, tears and love in their contributions.

In light of the tragedies that have happened this week in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, etc, we are feeling a small tiny taste of… the fear and horrors so many refugees are trying to escape. Most, if not all of us, will not know what it is like to walk thousands of kms with small children, or none of your children, with a sliver of hope for something better than what has been left behind. Most of us are in positions where cannot do anything physically for these people. However, there are amazing organizations that are on the ground trying to feed, clothe, and somehow find a new life for these scared people.

We encourage you and hope you will support our cause by purchasing a copy of Get Messy x UNHCR to support the needs of so many refugees who are displaced. All proceeds are being donated to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Financial donations will provide necessities like food, water, healthcare, and shelter.

Please, share far & wide, promote, promote, promote and encourage people to view the refugees with compassion, empathy, sensitivity and above all just as an another human being like ourselves. Share on IG, on blogs, on Facebook, ANYWHERE is best.

If you have any questions/concerns, please let us know! Thank you to everyone for your amazing contributions to help create a powerful and moving magazine. And thank you to everyone who supports this cause and supports Get Messy.

Again, here is the link: