Hello lovelies. The Season of Words has officially ended, but I am following the shiny ball and letting everything that has to come out pour onto paper. Ironically, I’m not using that many words! Here we go. I made another pop-up style page:

I love all the possibilities that a bound book offers. The journal is the medium.

For me, a bound book is the best conduit. It wouldn’t be the same with a spiral bound journal or loose pages. I used an assortment of ephemera for the background images.

Around the center figure I put some sequins and packing tape. Lifting the triangular sides reminds me of a childhood game where there would be a dare or a wish under each folded triangle. I may add some in later.

 The next spread has a favorite line from Hozier’s Take me to Church.

Another spread, another song lyric. This time, Sia’s beautiful ‘Elastic Heart’. The incredible painted torso is a photo of a piece I saw in Hong Kong by Simon Birch, one of my favorite artists.

It’s on a washi hinge that hides the rest of my words.

 A bright, simple page using papel picado (cut out tissue paper) from San Miguel.

I expanded my Alice story…White Jackalope vs Cheshire Tattooed Cat. Stickers from RedBubble.

 Pressed flowers (from my maid of honor bouquet from my sister’s wedding).

It seems Alice went with the White Rabbit in the end.

She has been invited to tea. Oh dear, they do look like a gossiping bunch.

 Whatever shall she wear?

The pocket holds Alice’s ‘cartes de visite’ (calling cards). She’ll need those to impress the ladies.

‘One lump or two?’ (paper doll by Amy Earles). Alice’s outfit was spot on.

 I wouldn’t trust the tea bush.

Then comes a series of collages. A Dark Romance.

 Bleached Bones and Albino Crow.

Palmistry and Jumbled Thoughts. This is directly inspired by Lauren Blood’s incredible stream of consciousness page.

Roses Make Men Normal. A blackout poem.

And the finale, I cut out a heart at the center of 5 pages, leaving the center as is (much like I did for my words a couple of weeks ago). I spinkled some glitter around the flower and taped it down with packing tape.

I decorated the pages and the hearts differently so that there would be a play on patterns when you would turn the pages.

I think it makes it playful! This whole Season has been great to use up my scrap stash. Next week, I’ll have a flip through of my whole altered book. Thanks for looking!

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