Hi hi! Hope you all had a lovely week! It’s getting quite busy around here with Halloween coming up and kids’s birthday parties and fall break and all that jazz. I’m quickly losing light in the evenings which makes taking good pictures harder and harder. Managed to sneak these in just in time!
So this week was very interesting with the ‘cover up that bad with the good’ prompt. I did this but I changed it up a little. I’m lucky enough that no one has said such bad things about my art or my need to be creative. So I adapted the prompt to writing down how a situation made me feel and putting these strong words on top. 
I wanted to make a bold statement so I painted the words on a double page in black gesso. Once dry, I cut out the words but leaving the center binding intact. I wrote down everything I had to get out on the pages behind these words and then covered them up with photos and doodling. Here is how they look once finished.

I have been hoarding these images of the woman below for four years, I got them in a magazine in Hong Kong. I love her determined look. And there had to be some Taylor Swift lyrics in there.

I love the kind of ‘peek-a-boo’ effect that the words add to the pages underneath.

I’m also continuing the visual themes from last week’s retelling of Alice. I think that skulls, roses and queens are definitely a recurring theme in this altered book.

 Here is a quick Hyperlapse of me turning the pages. This may better explain my technique!

 Thank you for coming by. x


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