I am on fire this week! The prompts have me completely inspired and this is a photo heavy post for sure. The first spread I am sharing is the photo splicing tutorial one. I really like this technique and would love to try it again. I especially like the interplay between the monochromatic photo and the black and white magazine page.

And now, let us go down the rabbit hole! My book is about Roses. And what children’s story has Roses in it? Roses being painted various colors? A story that I loved as a child and that I still do as an adult? The story of a girl walking through the looking glass…In my story, Alice has to choose between the White and the Red Queen and they are a little…intense.

As you can imagine, I love skulls and Dia de los Muertos ephemera. I also love vintage playing cards. Hence the mixing of the two introduces us to the story.

In this story, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are quite critical of the Roses in Wonderland. They are having none of that ‘a flower doesn’t care about the flower next to it, it just blooms’ crap (this by the way is one of Pinterest’s biggest fails as any biologically trained person will tell you : each flower is competing the hell out of its life to make sure it attracts a whole bunch of insects so it can be pollinated and is totally trying to undo the flowers next to it – but I digress).
The stickers are by Lisa Corbett. I think I may re-work the twins this week as this page seems a little bare to me.
Now the Queen of Hearts has had to learn some hard lessons about Love. And haven’t we all?

Alice, as she had found out quickly enough when she fell down the rabbit hole, has to choose between the Queens who are intently vying for her attention and loyalty.

This page is a hommage to the pop-up books we had as children. I folded over the middle pages so both Queens show in the corners. In the middle, Alice…

…with a few forest friends.

The White Queen makes her case.
As does the Red Queen. (yes, I know that is a red swan, but let’s pretend it’s a flamingo ok? Plus, no one is more queenly than Kate.). I love how you can read ‘bright crimson’ on the left side.

What’s a girl to do? Take a selfie? Gather her thoughts? Run away? Find an ally! Enter our friend the hare, white rabbit, mystic jackalope. This photo is from my 39th birthday party in 2014.

Alice’s connundrum is that she is quite partial to Pink Roses. And are they not a glorious mix of White and Red. Why choose when such a lovely tint can be enjoyed by all?

She can picture herself, the Pink Queen, quite at ease in her Queendom.

Ruthless and strong. She thinks she could get used to this.

Alice lays down her plans to the Cheshire Cat. What does this lovely feline have to say about this? Not much except ‘miaou’.

Ah, but it all becomes clear…The Queens are really two sides of the same person.

They hide behind their image but share the same core. This page is inspired by Frida’s beautiful painting The Two Fridas. I will probably add to mine, but ran out of time to do so this week.

The Red Queen and her fierce staff hide a vulnerable heart (and Kate again).

The White Queen isn’t as innocent as she seems as the bloody daggers clearly show.

Alice has learned her own lessons about people and their need for dominion. She chooses the path that leads to freedom and leaves Wonderland to its warring regals.

Good on you, Alice.
Thank you for listening to my tall tale. I hope you enjoyed it!

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