Welcome to week three of the Season of Words! I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride with this Season. I love that feeling. I’m starting with the dedication page, which I didn’t do last week.
The whole idea behind choosing this book to alter is the fact that I love roses. And the reason why I love roses is because of the story of the Little Prince. I am the Rose in that story. A little prideful. A little vain. Trying to be tough with my tiger claws but really only wanting to be loved.

I wrote over a layer of painted on mist; of course it had to be ‘rose petal’ by Mister Huey. I then misted some ‘Sunflower’ Tim Holtz ink.

The second spread is the one where I put a match to my journal. It ended up being perfectly placed with the rose peeking in. I added my favorite Twin Peaks quote. And the word ‘brimstone’ which isn’t my favorite word, but I do like to say it.

The third spread is the blackout poem. I had to go through a few pages before I found one that suited me. It is an instruction book after all and can be somewhat repetitive. Like the page where they talk about manure!

It reads :
Roses last
Important offering
Colors deteriorate
Roses last
Jaded flower
Roses last
Break away
From formality
Modern Roses

 Here is my Jackson Pollock / Jean-Paul Riopelle spread. How I love this. Thinking of adding my favorite words smack down the middle. But right now I’m just basking in the glorious colorful globs.

There is even some glow-in-the-dark paint in there….

And this spread, the most meaningful to me. Something my daughter said to us one day. It gave me chills (in a good way).

There will be some talk about Death in this altered book. Through my work, I am immersed in Death, bones and forgotten artifacts. Loved ones buried long ago. What is left of our bodies after our time in the ground. How fire alters your bones. It is something I think about a lot. There is a taboo about talking about Death. But I like to engage in a dialogue and not sweep it under the rug. It doesn’t mean I’m morbid, just that I am unafraid of talking about it. Roses fit in with this; we share flowers with the Dead. For Dia de los Muertos, people offer marigolds because their perfume brings forth the Dead. In Asia, there are flower offerings for the ancestors at every festival. Skulls and roses, my next tattoos maybe. 
Out of the mouths of babes, right?

 The final one for this week. LOVE it.

 Thank you for coming by. I’m making a point of visiting Thursday participants’ blogs this week.


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