I’ve been enjoying the Season of Ubuntu and working small. For this Season, I chose this Field Notes brand tiny notebook, because that heart is just too cute!

I started with an intro page using some space washi tape. I wanted to express that we all – as humans – come form the same pool of startdust.

There has been a mix of collage and mark making in this journal since I also took Fox and Hazel’s awesome mark making class, Messy Marks.

Here is a mark making page, where I wanted to illustrate the ripples of the Butterfly effect.

This one also incorporates techniques from this class.

I played around with my writing, following Alicia’s tutorial. Lyrics by the Smiths.

Some terrible stuff happened in the nomination of Kavanaugh, so I added these spreads to my journal to address feeling of women not being believed.


This also includes holding up BIPOC and ending White Feminism.

My Ubuntu also includes thinking about the planet we live on and the animals that we share it with.

I enjoyed Divyam’s Three Word Poem post. What a lovely way to express a feeling!

There are just a few pages left in my journal. I really was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the smaller size. What about you? Does the size impact your art positively?