Even though we are well into the Season of Seasons, I wanted to share my Season of Story journal. It is not complete, there are still a couple of unfinished spreads. But I feel this will always be the case since our Story doesn’t really end anyway. This will be another photo heavy post.

This first spread addresses some family issues and uses a “hidden but visible” journaling technique.

This next one is a favorite for the Season. These are the three ages of women: Maiden, Mother, Crone. I tried to show the feelings associated with these three phases. The Maiden I associate with the element of Earth. In my Maiden years, I was grounded, working in my field, getting an education, comfortable in my choices. The Mother I associate with the elements of Water and Fire. This is my current age, one of learning boundaries, holding up my loved ones, creating connections, taking care of home. The Crone I associate with Air. In my Crone years, I hope to find serenity but still be strong and present, not taking things for granted, taking no bullshit and enjoying the ebb and flow of time.

This spread was my take on the Creative Bug event that Caylee and Lauren hosted where they used an image of Frida. I felt more comfortable using this background in my journal, one I had made with spraypaint and flowers as masks.

This is another favorite, done following Elly’s tutorial. I used bits and bobs that I had used as masks in another spread. The left page shows the yin/yang, happy/sad, confident/anxious phases associated with moving all the time.

Butterflies, my symbol for change, make up my spine.

I dreamt of this wheel and ran to my art journal in the morning to paint it. Different colors for different phases of my story.

This spread is the story of how the ocean makes me feel and my elemental connection to it.

Here I made an inventory of some personal symbols. I cut these out of paper and used them as masks. This spread was a background and I finished it while I was travelling this summer. It addresses my role as Keeper of Stories.

A well-needed minimalist respite. Black / White, florals, Kate and Cara.

The next spreads are unfinished. I rarely do this: create backgrounds and leave them to be completed later. This first one I consider to be the first layer of an intuitive spread that I want to get back to.

Another spread about the sea. I just loved the way the spraypaint mixed in this background. I’m still thinking on how to finish this one. I’ve left the seaside now so I feel less pulled in by this.

I love how this spread turned out. It has a moonglow feel to it that I’m really into. I just have to find the hook that will draw me back in.

And there you have it, my Season of Story journal. There are a few more pages to share, but I used these for Caroline’s (freya.fennec) summer sketches challenge. I will share those in another post.