One last hurrah for the Season of Serenity. I have two spreads to share with you today and one of them isn’t too serene to be honest! This first one came out of a desire to play with layers and depth.

I used charcoal to draw the figures, then I put some watered-down gesso on top.

I was working on some mini-albums during the weekend and added parts of the vellum that came with the packaging. I love how these words can have many meanings.

I didn,t gesso over all of the figures that way some parts of them would be sharp and others no.

I love how that drawing is repeated on the paper scrap on the right.

This is one of those very very rare spreads where there are no words. I’m a strong believer in the journaling part of art journaling, but sometimes, it’s only about the process….
This next one is not so serene but sometimes, things need to be said.

Very simple, monochrome and to the point. On the left a magazine image with some paint splatter and Xs made from duct tape. (and Kate, always)

And on the right, a map, black gesso and a strong message set in paint.

I feel this makes a nice transition into the Season of Words, don’t you?

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