There are no prompts for this week as we are winding down the Seaon of Serenity. I have had an emotional week and was grateful to be able to turn to art journal to let it out. I’ve been reading about the fist and second World Wars for my new job. I am floored by the numbers of casualties. I knew them but it’s like I never really intergrated them until this week. I’ve been thinking of young men (and women) leaving and never returning.

The photo is of my grandmother and her friend. She never went to war, nor did anyone from my family, but this was taken in 1939. The quote is from a letter written by a soldier to his parents, found in a book written about WW2. 

I just wanted to put down some of that emotion. The loss and the impact of so many young lives taken.

The next two spreads are for Alan Kurdi and his family. For all of the migrants going through hell. For the people of Syria and other war torn countries where ordinary people’s lives are squashed by warring factions. For all the anonymous children victims of these conflicts.

You may remember my Mystic Jackalope. He comes along every once in a while. This time he is quite soulful.

The heart is printed on vellum. The small hearts were punched in red cardstock. I wanted this strip to look like a razor blade and like broken hearts.

And finally, this one. I made it last week when I saw the image of Alan on the beach. It is burned in my soul.

Had I the skills, I would have drawn him on that line. But it’s too much. Too much.


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