I was so thankful for this week’s prompt. Some soothing music helped my soul immensely. Here is the spread that come out of listening to Lakmé.

I used some pressed flowers that I brought with me. I sealed them in with packing tape.

An excerpt of the song, lyrics that spoke to me.

Love the layered transparency of the packing tape.

The next two spreads were done this week. If you are a Get Messian, you know what they are about. I am glad I got these emotions out on paper.

Not too serene, but they made me feel so much better.
Layers and the ties that bind.

This last one was done for the ‘inspired by’ prompt. I chanelled Julia and Sharon for this. I love the result!

Julia is a master at adding lines and doodles to her pages.

And Sharon rocks the florals and big letters.

I love the result. Thank you to both these ladies for being so inspiring!

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