Today, I only have one spread to share with you. Whaaaat? Only one? you say. I know! That is what being on vacation will do to ya! Bad wi-fi makes it hard to check on Pinterest, but I’ll get on that for next week, promise!
Anyway, I was very inspired by the prompt and the Shakespear quote. Just before I fell asleep I had this image of layers of softness hiding secret messages. This is how that vision was translated into reality.
I picked out a selecion of my favorite papers and randomly put them on my page. I put a Polaroid self-portrait on top of the right side.
I love the look of this so much. I was thinking about how Nullsie was saying that she might not be sharing all of her journaling and I decided to create little flap doors that would hide some of my journaling. All of the yummy layers can be flipped up or down to read what is underneath.
I value truth and authenticity so will always know what is what with me. There is no hypocrisy here.
I think one of my gifts is explaining things and making them easy to grasp. Which is why I love archaeology : there is a notion of giving back knowledge, of making science and history palpable which I really appreciate.
I had used this paper for  signature and thought that was kind of appropriate.
I am definitely the messenger in my family or the buffer, the one who goes between everyone else and who talks to one and who listens to the other.
My favorite (and the truth)
I love that you can randomly flip up or down the different layers of paper.
That way I get to look at the lovely papers and textures and hide my writing. WIN!
For the flaps, I just used plain old packing tape 🙂
See you next week my lovelies.

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