I was all set to use an old women’s medical book as my Season of Seasons journal. But two things put me off from using it. First, the info in the book is dated and very, very white privilege/religious so that made me super uncomfortable. Second, the size and the way the pages were bound made it impossible to open it so the pages lay flat. So instead, I am using this photo exhibit catalogue that I found for a dollar on my last day in Canada.

The format is more landscape than I am used to but just look at these amazing photographs. There is NOTHING like actual film photos, these inspire me so very much.

All these were taken in 1979 and the exhibit was in 1980. Which corresponds to the decade of my childhood/early teens. So i feel like this is way better suited to explore the seasons in my life.

For the intro page, I used the foreword page and some of the words that were on it as a blackout poem of sorts. I added the ripped Japanese washi paper all around to give the impression of tides and waves.


I started off by following Sarah’s tutorial and doing two moodboards for my favorite season, Fall. the first one addresses Fall as my Season of Power: I feel like the ancestors are close, the veil is thin between the worlds. This has always been what I love most about Fall, the slow slumber of Nature.

The second moodboard is all about Fall foliage, the geese that migrate, the feeling of cooler nights and wearing sweaters to keep warm…all things that are missing from Fall in China. In general, that season is super short and aside from the ginko trees that turn a beautiful yellow, there isn’t the same variety of colors in the foliage. This spread is also about the harvest and in particular apple picking season.

In thinking about the repeating pattern I wanted to create following Alicia’s tutorial, I was reminded of a metaphor that I use often to illustrate the feeling of adapting to a new place. I akin that to being in the wilderness, so I tried to convey this with this spread. In my jetlag induced insomnia, I had an image of my body as a topography map come to me so I added myself to the photo on the right.


Flowing from that spread is the notion that we are adaptable beings and that with each posting, I get better at finding my place. I was reminded of Camus’s beautiful quote: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better pushing right back.”


This one is fun because the back part of the page on the right looks really cool too.

And finally, I decided to take out an exacto knife and show what is sometimes found behind the facade of things. In this case, since we are trying to settle, my thoughts are around the notion of “home” and what that means. For the woman on the left, home is the ribcage, the house that holds the heart. On the right, mundane facades reveal the ribcage interior of the houses, rooms where one can feel intimacy, love, safety.


There you have it! Four weeks of the Season of Seasons. Incredible how fast time flies.