My Season of Play altered book has become a hybrid often filled with spreads from the new Get Messy Botanicals class. I will try and show these to you separately. This spread is for Dyviam’s awesome “create a superhero” tutorial. At first I wasn’t sure what to create. But when I found the page with the person holding the cards, it sparked an idea.

My kids were off for two weeks and my husband was working long hours. I needed a break and I went out for an extended lunch one day and felt slightly guilty about it afterwards. But my kids were like “no, you do so much mom, it’s ok if you go have lunch all day with your friends”. It made me realise I have kids that are perfectly suited to me and I am suited to them. Hence, Perfectly Adequate Mom!

Tarot reading is something I have been delving into seriously for the last six years. I have started reading for my friends. Most react by saying “this makes so much sense. I feel like I knew this already”. That is also how I feel most of the time: these cards are a meditation tool more often than not. This is the story behind this image.

In the spirit of playing, one day I took out my whole washi tape collectiona nd started putting pieces of them on the page. I started with my least favorites and worked my way to my favorites (on top). This helped me to revisit these lovely tapes and to cull the ones that are no longer sticky.

It also helped me not to be too precious about some of these.

I love seeing all the layers here. I covered the whole spread with clear packing tape after I was done so that the cheaper tapes didn’t curl up.

In that same spirit, I made this collage as an hommage to our favorite Girls’ Night out venue in Beijing, La Social. This was inspired by Moriah’s Neighborhood treasure hunt tutorial.

I am glad to document this place in my art journal as we are moving soon and this starts the Season of Goodbyes,

A lot of these pieces I picked up along the way in the two years I have lived here. La Social has a mixed Chinese / Mexican aesthetic which I really love.

And “nu” means female, so perfect for Girls’ Night.

And finally here is my take on Tiffany’s scribble tutorial. I have to admit, I used to be much better at making thes when I was a kid. I overthought this one and I’m not too happy with it.

How has your Season of Play been?