Oh the fun I’ve been having altering my book for the Season of Play! It took me a few days to get into the right headspace, but the tutorials and prompts from the Mess Makers are just too fun! Here is a look at my spreads for the Season so far. My first spread, and favorite for the moment, is the Payne’s Grey hair and stickers galore spread.


Using up all my stickers gives me incentive to go and replenish my collection now, ha!

I also really enjoyed the art journaling dice game that Alicia showed us. There emerged a circus theme for me, which fits nicely with the idea of Play. This definitely ended up taking me out of my regular style of work, which is interesting.

For this next spread, I made a sequins and glitter shaker window and used up some of my photostrips for my Pocket Scrapbooking. Because those strips are so me, they make a sweet identity collage / mood board.

My Mystic Jackalope has made an appearance accompanied by two feline buddies. Then I remembered that great washi tape I had that features cats and bunnies in various cool fashion wear so I added that in.

Sarah shared a great stamp carving tutorial where you carve a repeating pattern stamp. I don’t have anymore stamp carving material but I pulled out all of the stamps I had carved before and used them on this spread.

I used a mix of hand carved and store bought stamps and created this mandala as a repeating pattern.

I also adapted the hair decorating prompt into an adorned beard one since I have these handsome men in the book I am altering.

I carried on with the crazy hairstyle idea and opened it up to full on dressing up. As a kid, that was one of my favorite things to do. As an adult, it is still one of my favorite things to do! Change your clothes and you become a queen ready for a tea party, or an explorer of the watery depths.

It was so fun to adorn these handsome men’s hair but also to color in their clothing.

Finally, I woke up Sunday morning with this idea in my head: doilies as cogs. Funny how the mind works, no?

Some of these doilies move and make the others close to them turn as well. So, tell me, how much are you enjoying this Season? Are you having fun in an altered book?