This week was an amazing one for the work I’m doing for the Rituals Class, so I felt at first as if my Season of Nature journal wasn’t getting the most of my attention. But after actually spending the time in my journal, I ended up loving my pages. I started this one with Riet’s watercolor tutorial and really didn’t like the result….until I found the creatures therein!

It made me think of the primordial soup and where we all come from!

I hadn’t seen Lina’s tutorial when I made this page but it is sweet serendipity that they are similar. I wanted to document the Norther Lights or Aurora Borealis, something I would definitely want to see in real life someday.

I used my most shimemry watercolors for this and added the finelines later.

It was probably fine without the line work but I wanted to show the movements that these lights make in the sky.

My last apeg for the week is for the Mother Nature prompt by Sasha. I was also testing out a technique for Rituals.

 The lines next to the head are made with avocado ink.

I love the layered effect in this collage. It’s something I want to explore meore. the “Illuminatio” is from SKP magazine and was part of a digital collage series on some central themes: love, hunger, science, spirit.

In her core, life! 

I will be travelling until the 7th of January so for the next two weeks I won’t be blogging my pages, only sharing them on Instagram. See you there!

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