And so, we have reached the final week in this Season of Music. How have you progressed? Did you enjoy this Season? I really did and to be honest I didn’t expect to be pulled in this way. I have finished my journal and would love to share these last pages with you.

The lighting wasn’t great when I look these, the orange thread is actually neon. Queen Bey is definitely a must in a journal about music.
See how I forgot a word there? Just add it in, it’s not a big deal.
This song is by Daniel Lanois (revisited by the Tea Party). I love it and my husband was signing it all last week. So I know I had to bring it in to my journal.
My favourite spread for this week. That perfect photo on the right. The sound of silence isn’t easy to represent, but oh this is close! Especially paired with the lyrics from No Cars Go by Arcade Fire.
Added some free form stitching to the page.
Again, the details, just get me! That line of torn page…wow.
This page is on the backside of last week’s stitched skull. Thinking of Death and Life and Love, I had The Cure’s Swimming the Same Deep Water as You in my head, especially this line.
This photo, this smile. And yes, I am aware that I used another line from that (most excellent) song in my galaxy page !
The last page in my journal I used as an Outro (vs Intro). I thought this fitting as many songs have a musical outro. For this I used Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead. I wrote it out as if it was a list of things to do!
The film happens to be Romeo + Juliet, the Baz Luhrman version i.e. my favourite ever.

And a little detail at the back…
Here are the last pages in my Sound of Silence journal. Next week, I will share a flipthrough of the Season of Music journal and the one after that, I will show my complete Sound of Silence flipthrough.


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