Welcome to week four. I keep getting pleasantly surprised by the prompts. It’s like I wasn’t expecting so much from this Season and I have ended up falling head over heals over my little journal.

Look at that child! What an image! Of course I thought of David Bowie and of all the other lost musicians of 2016. Which lead me to make a list of artists that I wish I had seen in concert. Making this list made me realise that I am lucky to have seen some amazing concerts.

 The second page is the one for the concert ephemera prompt. Unfortunately, any that I may have is in my shipment which is on its way. I saw the Rolling Stones in Montreal in 1989. I was 14 years old and I went with my dad. It was the most amazing concert I had seen at the time. I bought a t-shirt with the logo and wore it almost every day for the next 5 years.

In 2014, the Rolling Stones were playing in Hong Kong. I immediately bought tickets. I never thought I would get the chance to see them live again, twenty five years later! I was so looking forward to the concert. Unfortunately, my father passed away and my plans changed. It was so strange that he died and that that was the reason I couldn’t go the concert as he had been the one I saw them with before.
Sympathy for the Devil and Paint it Black are two my favourite songs by the Stones. Paint it Black is also associated with my father as we used to watch Tour of Duty together and they used that song for the opening credits,

A final spread for this week. On Saturday August 21st something incredible happened: The Tragically Hip played a final concert and it was broadcast live on the CBC (our public broadcaster). A third of the population of Canada tuned in: that is 11.7 million people listening to this concert. Why would Canada effectively shut down for a concert from a band that most of the world has never heard of?
Because Gord Downie, the lead singer is dying of brain cancer. At 52 years old, he is in terminal phase. He asked his doctors to help him reduce the tumour enough so they could do one last tour. Basically, he did the opposite of what Bowie did. They released an album and played some dates in August. And last Saturday was their last ever concert and the CBC aired it for three hours without a single interruption. 

We all cried collectively. We all were able to thank them for the gift of their music. On a personal note, The Tragically Hip are at the very foundation of my identity. I listened to the album Day for Night obsessively, all of it for three years. That was my favourite album but I listened to each and every one of them. Their songs have always been in my playlists. The song I used here is called Wheat Kings and is about someone being wrongfully imprisoned.

I can tell you how the beginning of each song on Saturday brought back flooding memories, tugged my heart, fully and completely (pun intended). When Gord broke down during ‘Scared’ – one of my favourites from Day for Night – we ALL broke down.
This is a screenshot a friend took. This video shows his feelings during ‘Grace, too’.
”I come from downtown, born ready for you
Armed with will and determination, and grace, too”
The final song. I am grateful that we had this chance to say goodbye. To send them our love and gratitude. And now this lives on in my art journal.

I urge you to read this article, it explains everything and has a link to Wheat Kings, the very song I illustrated here. I’m still kind of reeling emotionally.

Here are today’s pages in my Sound of Silence journal.


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