The Season of Music is turning into the Season of Lyrics for me! I have been exploring old songs in my art journal. Here is my first spread. The ‘what is a day without a night’ question reminded me of this Concrete Blonde song. 

As for the second prompt, I don’t have one theme song. I do have a theme theme (?). A lot of the songs that move me or whose lyrics I applied to my own life are songs that tell a story. Most times, for me anyway, that story relates to the passage from girl to woman. Not sure that transition is complete yet, but it is definitely something that I envision as being a leitmotiv in the songs I listen to.

The lettering isn’t mine, I fussy cut it from a magazine. On the left, there are two songs. Maybe you can identify the artists? The first one:

And the second:

 If there is one song that is really close to being a theme song it is My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire:

I added this vintage photo from the same album as the one I share on week 1. because I once again wanted to show both sides, I decided to use packing tape to seal it and to insert it into the spread. 
I love the ‘papillon’ (butterfly) and ‘chrysanthème’ (chrysanthemum) and 1928 that peek through the back of the photo.

On this page, I used packing tape flowers as the spine of my skeleton. I turned the rib cage into a birdcage.

I added the lyrics on the right.

I loved Katie’s tutorial so much! Look at this luscious galaxy!

 In love with the accidental constellations.

As I share every week, here are some more pages from my Sound of Silence journal.


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