Hi all. This second week of the Season of Music has surprised me. I wasn’t attracted to the second prompt, but I love the idea of the first one. Especially in terms of the aesthetics of the Yellow Submarine movie. So those bold colours showed up in my pages, except this first spread.

You can see the backside of last week’s photo. Because the caption says ‘maman’, I wanted to explore a song that relates to motherhood. One of my favourite artists when I was younger (I haven’t listened to her recent stuff) is Tori Amos. I used to immerse myself completely in her music.

So I paired this image with ‘Playboy Mommy’. I’ll let your figure out if I’m speaking to my mother or to my own daughter with these words 🙂
And now, off to 90’s music in the technicolour dreamscape style. For my first spread, I tried to draw three of my favourite artists and wrote down some lyrics that spoke to me behind them.
I really hope that Anthony Kiedis and Courtney Love will forgive me one day! At least Billy Corgan looks close enough to his photo.

My last spread is done in a style closer to the Beatles’ movie. The paper on the right was very thin and dark so I used gesso on it. Unfortunately, I learned that coloured markers and highlighters are definitely muted when used on gesso! 

I added some of the elements of the song, like the pretty house and garden. ‘Bring down the government’ and the carbon monoxide handshake.

These two figures are the ‘blue meanies’ of this spread and illustrate a ‘job that slowly kills you’.
I loved playing with colour and approaching my work differently. And to conclude this week’s post, here are the next pages in my Sound of Silence journal.

In immersing myself in my teenage music playlist, I’ve been inspired to do this kind of journal but for a whole album. Do you remember when artists used to make albums? like whole projects and not just singles? I’ve been thinking about one in particular, a Tori Amos album that I’d love to explore visually. How about you? Is there a musical work you’d like to explore visually?

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