Welcome to the season of Music, friends! I will be sharing two journals here each week. First, my seasonal journal that will feature the pages based on the prompts and a second journal that I call my Sound of Silence Journal. This is an accordion journal that I created to illustrate the song. More on that below.
So…did you burn holes in your journals? Were you able to do so without hurting yourself? How did it make you feel nit having total control over the results? Here are my first pages.

This dedication came to me naturally and I’ve had the song in my head all week (happily so!)

 I love how the next page’s stitching shows through in the burned hole.

Here is the backside of that page. On the bottom left is the back part of the stitching. 

I tied some neon thread to the triangles and ‘drew’ with the thread. I used packing tape to glue the ends down. To me, they represent the ties that bind.

On the facing page, I used an old photograph that had been glued in an album and that ripped when I tried to take it out. I cut out a rectangle from the page in my journal and used packing tape to ‘float’ the photo in there. ‘Angst-driven-nostalgic’ would be my label as I really listen to music that relates to events in my life or make me react strongly.

The back part of the photo was so amazing, I wanted to preserve both sides, which is why I thought of this floating frame. This photo was actually underneath another one that I managed to take out from the album. I was amazed to see it ripped in this manner with the caption ‘maman’ underneath. There was no way I was covering that up.

Now for my Sound of Silence journal. I bought two Moleskine Japanese album journals. One of them was for this project and a second one is for a project centred around Beyoncé’s Lemonade (not started yet). I had heard this version of the Simon and Garfunkel song and it helped me hear the words differently. So I decided to let the song inspire this journal.

I’ll be sharing a few photos each week. I completed this journal in about 2 months, on and off, most of it was done while I was in South Africa last May. I loved this experience. The accordion format is really fun because the images overlap differently.

I am excited to see your pages for this new Season. I know they will be inspiring!

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