The end of the Season is nigh…But there are still two weeks left and I intend to make the most of them. These were so fun to do. I sealed everything with clear packing tape.

Such a cool idea to use one’s makeup!

And my trash was the bits from my paint palette that I had just cleaned that morning.

So I asked a friend of mine for her list, but don’t have it yet. I’ll just add it in when she gets it to me.

Oh how I love that paper. It’s by LifeLovePaper for Studio Calico. The rest of it I used as a base for an album that will hold my 52 portraits…if I get around to making it.

The image for this Daydreams page is from a 1953 Life magazine. It’s an advert for 7 Up. Just so classic.

It’s really cheesy but…as we learned in Mad Men, advertising just sells us what we already want…i.e. moments like these.

Have a great week!

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