Here we are! The first week of Messy Lists! So how do you like the process? Is it strange or exciting? I am having a blast at this new hybrid between two of my favorite ways of documenting my life! I hope some of you enjoyed my tutorial on Wednesday. I am using a book that Kate made me and I really like the smaller format for this Season. Let’s dive in!

My favorite part so far is matching up the journal and the art prompts. That is super fun. It’ll be really cool to see what mixes people will be doing and how many different combinations will come from it. I’m not mentioning the different prompts so as to not give them away, but I think Get Messians will be able to guess which ones I used!

I like having one list per page and having both of them play off each other. Either in the colors or the themes that I use.

That said, I’ve counted the pages in my book and I can do one double spread per week. That is also fun, to be able to change it up when I want to.

So that is my first week in my Messy Lists journal. Anika also invited us to participate in an art collective project. We downloaded the printable and can fill it up how we wanted. Here is my take on it:

I am really inspired by @whatchidid on Instagram. The idea of craftivism isn’t new but it is the first time that I read that term. Throughout history women have turned to their craft to protest or make known their feelings. I feel very strongly on the issue of women’s reproductive rights. 

Too many times, the issue is simplified and ‘pro-choice’ is misrepresented as ‘pro-abortion’. It’s getting so that pro-choicers are becoming afraid to speak up or to hold their ground because they are portrayed as murderers. But I have never encountered a woman skipping gaily to the clinic, as they are sometimes portrayed. It is a difficult decision, but it is a choice that we as women can make. We are people, we are not objects or children who cannot take care of their own bodies. It is not for lawmakers to decide for us. It is not for them to take away our right to choose.

I tried to have a common look to my lettering throughout the page.

So there you have it. My stance, loud and clear. I hope this can initiate some dialogue, I’m all about that. The worse for me is when people stop talking and just stay camped in their positions. I am currently travelling but am looking forward to catching up on everyone’s lists and your take on Anika’s project!

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