Ah, yes, it is time to say goodbye to this wonderful Season. Get Messy will be returning with a shiny new website next week. So during the ‘break’ I’ve been finishing my Magical art journal. I’ll be making a Flipagram as soon as I can get some natural light and will share it next week. In the meantime, here are my last pages.

And with the flap open.

For the front part of the flap, I made a collage of different leftover scrap papers. When the matte medium was dry, I sanded the images. I really like th look it gave to this page.

The idea for Madame Fortuna came from this page that was sent to me by Hillary (thank you!!):

I went with a kind of advertisement/shoppe sign and added a bunch of divinatory instruments.

This second page was done in reaction to certain issues that I thought were dealt with but that have come back unexpectedly.

I used lots of different types of water soluble pencils. 

I get lost in the details.

This one is called ‘the Conjuring’, here with the flap closed.

And open.

I thought both of these images, the woman and the hand, looked like they were held up by strings, so I added those in.

The color scheme comes from this perfect image.

The front flap has an excerpt from a Bible, the one that scares me the most: ‘My name is Legion for we are many.’ I get chills each time (probably because of this book). I wanted to make a link with the idea that witches were thought to be Satan’s brides or consorts or whatever.

And my final spread.

On the left, I just started to collage some scraps of paper from previous spreads. As they were drying I started peeling parts of them and gluing them down elsewhere on the page.
I almost put moon stickers over her eyes, but decided that her stare was just perfect.
Thank you for showing up!