Hi Messians! I am writting this post from the car, on my phone, so please forgive me if it shows up a little wonky.  I have two spreads for you today.

The first one is the result of playing around using Julia’s ink and acrylic tutorial.

Equilibrium is my wish for the holidays : a balance between all of the hectic festivities and actually resting. 

After layering all that paint, I added some gold, neon red and some glitter pieces. I wanted the figures to reflect the idea of equilibrium so I chose monochromatic  photos and used huge sticker letters for my word.

My second spead is about the ending of the year and that moment when you reflect on all that has transpired.

I kept the spread itself dark but the flap light. I used some metallic colors on the black gesso. In the right light, they really sparkle.

I added my journalling using my white Uni-ball Signo.

To illustrate the idea of letting in more light, I kept both sides of the flap white.

To create the background, I closed the flap while the white and black gessos were a little wet so they would imprint.


On the top of the flap, I stitched a vintage Polaroid given to me by my friend Hillary. 

I’m so bad at letting sleeping dogs lie, I’m always waking those pooches up. The stamps are from the magical set by Papier Projekt.
Wishing you and yours the best Season of Magic and Love and Family. XOXO