I got my magic mojo back. I lost it a little last week. But on Friday I stayed home with my daughter and had the chance to work in actual daylight and it all came rushing back. This first spread is inspired by Julia’s mention of the Salem witches and done in Essie’s recognizable style.

Those words by Robin Lee on the right side (left are my own words) completely sealed these pages.

Fire walk with me, right?

As I am typing this up, Khaleesi is draped on my arms and keeps pressing on the keyboard. This second spread ties in with last Saturday’s portrait.
With the flap open. The butterflies reference the Vanessa Io, a butterfly with skulls on its wings. For real, see it here.

The feline silhouette was done Tanyalee-style! I found some cool, grimoire/book of spells style writing to imitate for my journaling.

The women faces on the right are by Liza Corbett. I’m a huge fan.

And this is my very own grandmother, Marie-Jeanne Bousquet, in 1934.

My final spread is a favorite. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture it in daylight. I wish you could see the subtleties.

With the flap open.

This is in response to this week’s prompts. This season for me is reflective and turned toward my core while at the same time being quite busy. 
It’s not easy to find that quiet time, those peaceful moments amid family reunions, travel and all the brouhaha. For me there is a lot of emotional stuff going on, overeating, stress eating, guilt eating.

I love all the subtle layers here. I used lots of water, soft watercolors, glitter paint and a deep indigo water-soluble pencil, after seeing Cait’s IG post about her graphite pencil. I also used modeling paste through Orly’s stencils. I love the dimensions these give.

The watercolors blended so beautifully, I’m really happy with this spread.

Getting lost in the details….
Thank you for coming by. Wishing you all some quiet time this season.

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