Hello friends. I must admit I ran out of time this week. I have ideas swirling but not enough time to let them out of my brain. Where is a Pensieve when you need one? So I am a little unhappy with my first spread. I wanted it to do a journal spread that was in Essie’s style but with my own touch. So, naturally, I used tissue paper.

The overall look is ok, but not as good as I thought it would be. I added the words because I needed something in all that empty space. But, I don’t know, although they are true I’m not feeling them.

The only cool thing about this spread is the self-portrait I took and printed on Dura-lar. It’s a semi transparent surface. It’s a dream to draw on and cut out and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could print on it. The only problem was that the ink of my photo tended to smudge. So I covered it with some packing tape and I love the look. Packing tape is another favorite.

Anyway, on to my second spread which I adore. With the flap closed.

And open.

The words are by Charles Bukowski, Let it Enfold You.

I love these creatures and magical beings that have appeared in my journal.

And that gold. Magic. You have to let it in.


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