Hello lovelies. I hope you liked this week’s prompts. They came out of a conversation I had with Lauren after she showed me some beautiful map portraits. It was fun to try and think of some prompts to warrant printing on maps.
Then I remembered when we learned about the beginings of Anthropology when I was doing my Bachelors degree. Criminal anthropology was the science of trying to understand the mind of the criminal to see if one could predict their actions and prevent them. Unfortunately, at the time, scientists (mostly causasian), thought there were superior and inferior races of humans and made a direct link between one’s physical appearance and one’s intelligence. This lead to lots of racism, supported by what were thought to be scientific facts.
Phrenology was part of that movement. It was thought that different regions of the brain were used for different emotions and thought processes. Therefore, if the pulsion to commit murder was situated over the right ear (for example), then any person who had an enlarged area over the right ear was thought to be a potential criminal. In Melbourne’s old prison, I remember being fascinated by the death masks they made of the recently executed criminals from Death Row in the 19th century. These had been used by phrenologists to try and find a common physical feature. 
Anyway, back to the prompts, I thought it would be so cool to map out our own emotional makeup using this technique. I paired my drawing with some images relating to behavior and my subconsciousness.
As for the map portrait, I used the one I had done for the tutorial. I added in some personal geographical locations to make it more me. I even added in a mythical sea dragon like the ones you find on old maps!

I like the fact that the ‘Sea of  Seized Opportunities’ is right next to ‘Mer de Chine’ (China Sea) since we are going there next year.

As I was pondering the second part of the prompts, about our internal emotional makeup, I decided on some self-portraits that would be different from my photo portrait series (V’s 52 portraits). So I took out my sewing machine and free stitched two portraits on some pages from a Time-Life book about the universe. On the middle page, I used tissue paper as a base and added my skeletal portrait.

Here is the same spread with the flap open. I wanted to have the contrast between light and dark. I also made good use of Nina’s printable words. 

I decided to let my thoughts flow around my silhouette, to fill in the space but not overpower it. I wanted it to look a little bit like that interior monologue we often have running around our brains.

It had been a while since I used tissue paper on a spread. I love love love that transparency and soft layered look. Once again, Nina’s printable words made it easy to make new associations and transform the message.

 I found this V flashcard and couldn’t resist doctoring it so my name was on it!

 Thank you for showing up. I’m really keen to see everyone’s take on this week’s prompts.

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