This Season has started off with a bang for me. Magic is a big part of my daily existence and I am very glad to be delving into its imagery for these prompts. Here is the first spread, for the dark/light magic prompt.

Same one, with the flap open.

I hold this to be true. Censorship is never a good idea in my view. It shows the weakness of your position if you are so scared of a little thing called knowledge bringing it all crashing down around you. Better to let people make up their minds and discuss it afterwards.
The whole witch hunt thing is a perfect example of men destroying what they feel they cannot control. There is still too much of that going on even now.

A closer look at the flap witch.
I shared a teaser of this one this weekend. My Mystic Jackalope came by.

Paired with the perfect song lyrics by Unkle.

I got this washi paper in a store in Tokyo. They have been making it since 1794.

 This is my bright fairy spread.

Unfortunately, the glitter I added on top of all the pages made the paper ripple. I was slightly bummed at that. Still pretty though.
The flap opens to reveal these other images.

 That strip of pink/red is from my last spread. The paint leaked through and I love it.

The photo of the boy with the fireflies is artwork by Ray Ceasar.

And my final spread is for the litterature prompt. I do have a thing for a dark and brooding bad guy….Marten Broadcloak/Randall Flagg, Roland Deschain, Loki, Dracula, Alcide Herveaux, etc. 

Oh yes.

Thanks for coming by!

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