Do you believe in magic? Then come forth my friend. Let’s dive in.

For this Season, I am using a handmade art journal that a friend of mine gave me in San Miguel. It is the same as the one she was using there and a completely new format for me. The pages are sturdy watercolor paper and they have all been gessoed already. This is also new to me as I don’t usually automatically gesso pages.

I’m in love with the cover of this journal and looking forward to taming this new format.

The pages open up nicely and lay quite flat. I welcomed some of my Unfinished Spirits in the first spread. I haven’t seen them since my 100 Day Project at the beginning of the year.

Because of the gesso on the pages, the ink and water combinations reacted differently than what I was expecting.

And I love it because it was so enticing to have that measure of unpredictability.

These faces. I was thinking about all of the lost ones. From the Paris attacks. From the civil war in Syria. From the actions of Boko Haram.

It’s important to see these Dead. To know that they had lives, that they lived. That all of their lives count, whether they are Arab, Christian, Black, Jewish, Buddhist, old, young, diabetic. It all matters.

I am glad they showed up in my art journal.

This spread shows what I love about this journal:

Yes, there is a flap!
Every second page there is a flap that you can open up. This adds to the double page spread nicely!

My answer to the first prompt is that I see magic in being a woman. In being female, feminine, feminist and human.

 I feel a connection to the women around me (and I don’t mean just physically around me). I feel this thread of continued experience linking me to them and them to me.

There is certainly an alchemical componant to being a woman. Something that has confounded and frightened men for centuries and provoked certain actions on their part against women. Like burning witches. 
All women share this strong essence, whether they are old or young. There is something about holding the world in your body that makes us truly powerful. It is even more powerful when you own every single experience you have been through. When those experiences are accepted as building blocks to who you age. When you gracefully embrace each age, each period of the life you are walking through.

And we are just so interesting, don’t you think?


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