I am back from my trip, mentally, physically and artistically! I was very happy to find my mojo back, after letting the prompts from sets 3 and 4 mull a little. Here are three spreads that I made in rapid succession last weekend. The first one is the result of yesterday’s process video.
I like the contrast of  the notion of a world without love and black and white photos of weddings, which are such happy occasions.

 This second spread is very close to my heart. It is a love letter to my children.

Isn’t this the perfect French Lesson poem for these pages?

The photo on the bottom left is of a drawing that my daughter made about 4 years ago. It’s her in my stomach. Notice that my uterus is in the shape of a heart. Love that.

Finally, this page is definitely inspired by all the wartime movies I saw recently – including on the flights to South Africa (Fury, The Imitation Game, American Sniper, the Mockingjay). It got me thinking about the terrible sacrifices these people made and how the ones that stayed home must have felt everytime they received a letter from their loved one.

This envelope contained one of the most romantic love letters that a man sent his fiancée. He wasn’t on the Front but I could easily imagine him to be. He ‘longs to hold his sweetheart in his arms and works extra hard so that can happen soon’. He even buys her some special cotton so she can make her own dress.

I had all sorts of postal ephemera that I got from the Saturday AM Vintage shop. I love how the red and blue pop up here. Mixed in are some contemporary elements like a Hong Kong express mail sticker.

I added some vintage photos of women standing with men in uniforms. I tried to image these people and how they would write to each other knowing they were seperated by an ocean and in dangerous situations.

In the bottom photo, the older woman (mother?) looks ever so proud.
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