Welcome fellow creatives. Today I am sharing some pages from Get Messy’s Season of Love. I’m going into some dark places but also some places filled with light. And these darker areas are not limited to love relationships, but apply to friendships too.

If you’re followed me for a while, you know that I had a friendship breakup in 2014. Someone that was very close to me for 15 years suddenly told me off and that was that. i had a very hard time acceoting what happened and tried in many ways to understand what happened.

Unfortunately, I never got the truth from her so I’ll never know. But I suspect that some of these emotions were rampant.

How about some happiness? Oh YES! I took this photo of my husband while setting up for last week’s ‘Vs 52 portraits’ and I love it so much. I knew I wanted to include it in an art journal page.

In keeping with the second week of the Season of Love’s art prompts, I decided to print this picture on a transparency and use one of the E.E. Cummings poems. Here is the full spread:
The only ‘problem’ was that the ink never dried on the transparency! So every time I would touch the image it would come off. I noticed this after I had glued the image down on my page. I needed to figure out a way to stop the ink from spreading on the facing page.
My solution? I used some leftover clear adhesive book covering plastic! That way the ink wouldn’t spread and I didn’t have to use a wet medium to seal it. I actually really love the ghostly feel of the image and the extra layer the plastic cover gives.

I ended up adding a few of these square pieces of adhesive on the spread for a cohesive look.

And I used strips of transparencies and vellum to hide the ink stains I made while gluing down the image! An art journal fail that turned into a win!

 I have one last spread to share :

I used some big Elmer adhesive letters for this one (thanks for the inspiration Sharon!)

I also used this sewn paper page from a few weeks ago. So glad to have found a place for this in my art journal.

Yup. Don’t wait. Do it now.


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