Welcome to another edition of the Get Messy art journal prompts. We are still in our Season of Love. Trigger warning : this post is very emotional and deals with infant loss.

I made this last week, but wanted to make sure I had my friend’s permission before sharing. Love is an action. Love is an act. And sometimes the outcome of that act is sadness and loss.
This is a homage to my close friend. She lost her daughter in utero at 37 weeks almost a year ago. I will remember how everything played out that day forever. I have seen my friend deal with with this devastating blow with so much courage and strength. And above all : LOVE.
Love for her daughter who was already so loved and wanted. Love for her husband who is dealing as best he can in his own way. Love for herself and what her body is capable of. She is all for breaking the taboo and stigmata around infant loss and that is why she agreed that I should share these pages. (I asked her before I even made this because I didn’t want this to be a trigger for her or to make her feel instrumentalised).

There are no answers to her questions, no rhyme or reason for what happened. It just did. But her resilience and her willingness not to belittle the impact of her daughter’s death on her life is admirable. We talk openly and often about her grief, about how she is feeling, about where she is at now. What hurts her the most is when people pretend that nothing happened.

I also did this spread. It’s about an ex. Haven’t thought about him in ten years. The bastard. And that’s all I’ll say about THAT.

Thanks for coming by to read my super emotional post xx
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