The Season of Less coincided with our return from Canada to Shanghai. This meant that we travelled fro 38 hours straight and then were in quarantine during 14 days. It was a weird time. The paradox was that lots did happen in 14 days even though we were not allowed to go outside or open our door more than 4 times a day. I also knew that if I didn’t document this, I would forget how it was because you are in such a weird brain fog space when you are going through anxious moments of this kind.

So I took out another Field Notes notebook (which played off the Season of More format) and decided to document our quarantine using only a black pen. I shared the flip through on my Instagram but the pictures here give you an idea of what each day was like.

I didn’t put pressure on myself for this to be perfect or an actual representation of everything. Just some doodles exploring both how we felt and what we did during those 14 days and the long return to our home. After being exiled for four months, this was a healing exercise. Also, it helped with fending off or occupying my time while dealing with jet lag!

I fall right back in to how I was feeling at that time just by looking at these.