Hello all. I’m in the middle of my move, so I will keep the writing short! I have two spreads for you today, one for each prompt. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed that I didn’t have time for more. Nor did I have the chance to try Katie’s tutorial on the blog. Hence a magazine face vs a painted face.

My mind map flows from me, from my eye. Because it is my own perception. I went with the color scheme of that photo. When I tried putting watercolor on my gesso-ed background it wouldn’t stick. So I made some watercolor clouds on smooth paper and glued them down. Those are real pressed lilac flowers that I taped down.

I like the added texture they provide. I always try to work with the image that is already on the page, which is why I left those inquisitive ladies at the bottom.

 All the elements of my mind map are interconnected…which is absolutely the theme for my second spread.

I once again worked with the image that was already in my altered book. This image of Odette was just perfect.

The journaling is expressing my views on why we are here, how we are here. It is the Earth, it is the Moon, it is Life that speaks on my page. I am a pantheist: i.e. someone who believes that we are all connected to the world around us, we are all divinities, the divine is within us, our bodies, our lives, our experiences.

I loved pairing Odette’s frightful expression with comforting hands. Hands like this are usually funerary symbols, which totally works for me.

I cut out her legs and placed the moonscape from a vintage atlas under them. I also included parts of her dress so that it looks three dimensional almost.
Here is what the backside of that page looks like.

The other page holds the Earth seen from space and some punched moon phases. I wanted to invoke the idea of time and space, that the Universe has been here a long time and will continue on well after us.

These flowers, baby’s breath, are a symbol for rebirth or I should say, continuous birth.

Very happy with how they turned out!

Thanks for coming by!

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