Hello hello, week two is here. I am in the midst of sorting central with our upcoming move (in a week we’ll be out of this house – whoa!). I really had to squeeze in some creative time because it is so very good for my sanity to do so. This first spread is for my prompt: the pivot.

The journaling is about the moment something clicked when I met the man who is now my husband. We met in a bar during a Halloween party. I was dressed as a witch and he just happened to be there. We started talking and kept talking throughout the night. Eventually, I left to drive a friend home. I sat in that car for a good 10 minutes and just couldn’t go. Something told me that I had to get that guy’s number. So I went back inside. The bar was on the second floor and as I was going up the stairs, he was just coming down. We met halfway and he put his hand on my hip as I talked to him. I remember that moment so clearly. 

This is the biggest packing tape transfer I’ve ever done by the way.

The rest is an ongoing 15 year relationship, two children and a nomadic life together. Wow, I’m so glad I walked back in. Because this book is about Swan Lake, I decided to play with that imagery and have the swan encircle the lovers.

The second spread is for Torrie’s prompt about our shortcomings. I decided that I would really alter my book and do some folding. The spread starts on the right side (I haven’t touched that left page yet).

As you turn the page, there is the first part of a quote there. It’s from Harry Potter. When I was thinking about these shortcomings, I was always reminded that it always depends on how you look at things. Something that may seem positive to you can be perceived negatively by someone else depending on what that person is going through in their own life. (Actually, I’ve been through exactly this situation). Anyway, that lead me to thinking about contrasts: light and dark.

When you open up the two folded parts, you get the rest of the quote.

When you unfold the page completely, you get the whole picture. I wrote down what I believe are my biggest flaws. But I also counterbalanced with some of my best qualities. I would never define myself with either of these lists, but with a good mix of both of them.

And the evil queen, the Black Swan in the story. She was so perfect that I kept her. I’ll admit that the best way to hurt me is to accuse me of being something I am not. Then, if my pride is touched and it is not warranted…claws out! In all honesty though, that only happened to me once. I’m an easygoing person for the most part.

I will be taking breaks from packing and sorting to look at your lovely pages. How are you liking this Season? Are you finding it challenging or are you sailing right along?

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