Welcome friends! This week was full of ups and downs and lots of stuff going on. So I only have one art journal spread to share…and a bunch of gelli prints after that. The spread came together at the last minute and is the result of a conversation with Jennifer Bilton. We were talking about funerary customs and flowers associated with mourning. At the same time, for my work and a conference I gave yesterday, I was reading up on two First World War soldiers who were identified and reburied with a name and in the presence of their descendants almost 95 years later. (Sorry no daylight photos this week at all).
I love my job. I love the whole idea of laying these men (sometimes boys) to rest all these years later. I love the idea of them being buried with their brothers in arms and by their unit in a military ceremony. I love this work and I am humbled to participate in it. This is happiness for me. The pressed flowers are from my maid of honor’s bouquet at my sister’s wedding last year.
I had Essie‘s tutorial in mind when I made this page. I used a similar color scheme for the watercolor flowers as the pressed petals. I put some modelling paste through a stencil featuring one of Orly’s skeletons.

You can just guess at its presence.

Aaaand to make it more ‘me’, I stapled the transparency. I love stapling stuff.
Earlier in the week, I had time to explore my new gelli plate. I re-read Katie’s tutorial and dove right in. The first print I did is this one. I call it ‘three moons’

And then I fell down the rabbit hole. Gladly. There were bones.

And strange seascapes.

 I’m really loving the possibilities…and that texture!

My only problem is that I love these too much to cut them down and stick them in my journal…yet. I may frame those bones, I love how they turned out. I’m also thinking of binding some of these following Tanyalee’s tutorial….
Have I mentioned how cool this community is?

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