I was totally blown away by the Ted talk that we were encouraged to listen to for this week’s prompts. It explained a lot. Especially about what I call my resilience at being uprooted completely and finding happiness elsewhere every 3-4 years. Food for thought really. Anyway, my takeaway from that is the very last phrase:

‘Choose Experience’. I love that. I paired it with this quote that I’ve had in my arsenal for a while, but have no idea who to attribute it to.

I wanted the lines to play off each other on both pages. It is a way of tying them together.

Plus it looks like crowns for these ladies.

My second spread is an hommage to graffiti and especially to the place of graffiti in my favorite series of books: The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It all started with me trying out a transfer technique with an old picture of my grandmother and great-aunt and their friends. I started with a collaged base of vintage ephemera.

Then I added my transfer, love how it turned out.
And then I graffiti-ed:

 ‘The world has moved on’ is a central theme in the Dark Tower books. I think it expresses perfectly the idea that things are changing very quickly. The old ways are losing ground. Taking down messages, writing out your bank statements, writing a letter, wallpaper, old sewing patterns… all these things disappearing.

In The Waste Lands (which is not the same as the poem I am using for my 52 Pick-up project but totally inspired by it), there is a long standing war between the young ones (the ‘pubes’) and the old ones (the ‘greys’) in the city of Lud. They hash it out in the streets with lots of graffiti. I wanted mine to reflect that urgency and the frustration, hence the drips.

My final page is not a happy page but it made me happy to do it. Know what I mean? The process was the thing. I just needed to spread some paint around. I picked out three or five colors and covered my surface. Then I put some titanium white and spread it around with my brayer covering the whole thing up. I was going to come back to it the next day, but then I used the end of my brush to make a mark. And ended up with this.

A dialogue. Between my daughter and me. Between my daughter’s anxiety and me. It clearly needed to come out. I am trying to find the best way to help her but feeling frustrated and wanting her to meet me half way.

I can’t deny these textures make me very happy.

Have a lovely week everyone and thank you come coming by for a visit.

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