Hi all! This week’s prompts were lots of fun, no? I like the energy coming off my art journal. This first spread is entirely inspired by Kate aka @meduna

Kate has a very recognizable journaling style that combines intuitive painting, bright color, geometrics and words on black gesso. I am totally imitating her cool vibe here. I don’t think I’m quite as cool.

I made the background and the packing tape transfers with my friend when she came last weekend (see Wednesday’s post). On Monday, I got a gorgeous art journal that Kate made for me. So that was a part of my happy week that I needed to include in my pages.

I wrote down all those little moments. I think they fit nicely with these moody women.

These geometric shapes were more difficult to keep straight because of that luscious texture.

My second page was also part of my art journaling weekend. We had a lot of fun using straws to swish the paint around.

 I like to see how the colors blended.

Can I just say how impressed I am by the new Moleskines and how well they take watercolor? It’s like a dream come true!

And this woman was a perfect fit, in terms of both color and expression.

 Added her skeleton and she was done.

I’m really getting into this Season which I thought would be hard for me to do. I’m glad I was mistaken!

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