Christmas is in two days! I bet your tree looks like this one:

So many people around me I consider to be gifts. They bring so much to my life and I hope that they feel I do the same for them, even just a little.

I saved the remnants from all the Christmas stockings I made and used them for the gifts in this spread.

The tissue paper with the ornaments really adds to the image as a whole.

And shiny sequins for the win!
My second spread for this week is for the greatest childhood gift I ever received.

Solid Gold was one of my favourite shows as a young girl (yes I am an ’80s child!). It featured the Solid Gold dancers doing amazing dances on that week’s top of the pop charts songs! If you look at that now…well…the eighties were something that’s for sure.

I thought the Barbie I got that year was called Solid Gold Barbie but she is actually called Golden Dreams Barbie. That Christmas was so amazing not only because I unwrapped the most golden Barbie ever, but also because I got a suitcase full of handmade Barbie clothes.

There was a woman on our street who used to make them. I remember there was a leopard coat for her and how I loved it! I kept those Barbie clothes and gave them to my daughter when she was five. But she never liked playing with dolls, she would always just undress them! Now the clothes are with my sister and her daughters so the legacy of that gift continues.
All the fabric pieces on this spread were given to me by Becca and I love them. This is a very glittery spread.


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