Week 2 and I have fallen head over heels for the Season of Gifts! I am loving my colourful fabric pages. For this week, I am starting with the Christmas music prompt.
Might I suggest that you click here and play the track while you are reading this? No one can resist Pavarotti! In English, this song is called O Holy Night.
This song has always sent chills down my back, especially in French, especially the part quoted above.It was the only good thing about Christmas mass.
The grandiose melting pot of colourful flowers represents the energy that flows from that song and the powerful emotions I got each time I heard it.
This is a machine stitched self-portrait. I wanted to capture how this song affected me: made me feel small, but part of a group. The song reminds me of wearing my winter boots with velvet dresses, getting sleepy from the hushed atmosphere in the church and dreaming about the feast waiting at home.
I also really love the backside of the spread! 
The second spread is all about reinventing Christmas Decor. 

It is really hard to photograph neons!

This spread pops out so much in real life. I love neons so much, I use them in my art and I had these lovely neon fabric pieces and I love adding them in.

I added some tissue paper and cut up these bits of Umbrella Prints fabric with phrases on them printed in neon red.
Christmas is all about pops of colour for me!
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