Hello and welcome to the Season of Gifts! This is the last season for this Creative Team. I am happy to report that I will be staying on with the Get Messy Creative Team in 2017. I am super excited and proud about that!
For this Season, I decided to incorporate fabric into my journal. I have loads of fabric, I love the patterns and colours as much as I do for paper. But whereas I use paper, I often forget about my fabric. One of the reasons is that I work in bound journals and that makes them hard to run through the sewing machine. So for this Season, I am using watercolour paper, making my spreads on them and at the end I will bind the loose papers into a journal.

Ready? Here we go. My first spread is about what 2016 had given me. Because we are in a transition year, 2016 was fairly hard for me. I call it the Year of Change. I shared my thoughts on this year in the caption to this photo on Instagram. You can see I now have a permanent reminder that accepting change and metamorphosis is better than fighting it!

 So here is my first spread.

One of the metaphors I use when thinking about change and adaptation is the ‘lost in the wilderness’ idea. When you are adapting to a new place, city or life; it feels like you are lost in a jungle. There are unseen dangers, vines that stop your progress, you are disoriented, it’s hot and insects buzz around you. When you start to feel better about where you are and you don’t feel so lost anymore, that is when you are out of the wilderness. So the panther is a great symbol of this state.

I wanted the whole spread to have that tropical, colourful, super busy feel to it. I wrote all the gifts that 2016 brought to me in an organic flowchart.

The flowers are my constant metaphor for positive elements in my life. I wear my flowers in my hair as an image of the blessings I have received. So I wanted there to be lots of flowers in my spread. The poinsettias are tissue paper and a reminder of the time of the year we are in.

 I used my calligraphy nib and some emerald ink to complete the spread.

My second spread is one where we examine what our gifts are. For this one, I re-did Tanyalee’s amazing watercolour tutorial using the photo above.

It doesn’t really look like me but I love the effect anyways!

In this spread, the butterflies are symbols of my gifts that I share upon others.

The magnolia tree is also an image of growth and connection. This fabric was a gift from Rebecca!

This spread was all about movement and energy.

How do you like the start of this Season? I feel like it is so perfect for this time of year!

Thank you for the gift of your interest in coming to this blog xo

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