I loved the Season of Freedom even though I feel like it got kind of lost in the winter holidays and travelling and the general intensity of the start of the new year.

I enjoyed the ring bound format of my journal. I have so many papers that I just love, it’s fun to be able to use them.

I gave myself permission to do what I wanted, when I wanted for this Season. To not lose sight of self-care in the whirlwind of December and travel and family.

I had fun adding bits and pieces of everyday life like wrapping paper or packaging to my journal.

I did Ali Brown’s tutorial, which was a nice way to go about trying abstract art. I enjoyed her teaching even though I am quite uncomfortable with some of what she and her husband promote. Hence the page above.

Divyam’s tutorial was so much fun and I really dove right in to it. It was super interesting to me to see the differences between slow and fast creating.

Likewise, Elly’s tutorial made me pull out all my paints very late and night and have all the fun creating these statu-like spreads.

All in all it was a great final Season before the new changes roll in to Get Messy. I’m very much looking forward to what comes next!