And so we come to the last week of the Season of Fairytales. Like many of you, I will have a hard time letting go of this magical Season. Although I have filled my journal so the project does feel complete to me, at least in regards to The Lady of the Moors.

Like the lady, it sometimes takes us a while to see our path, the one that is ours, not the one this other person is following and that looks good to us, not the very trodden path that everyone is taking; our path.

Once we’ve found it, we let fear abate, we let anxiety fade, we embrace change. And we carry on down that path.
It’s easy to lose sight of who we are in this social media driven world. It’s easy to want everything else, to want to be a part of every group, to try every single thing, to want to have the same style as this or that person, to be fit, to be happy in our relationships, to eat well, to be there for our kids, for ourselves, for our better halves, for our animals, for our co-workers, for our friends, for people we don’t even like that much…it all becomes exhausting.
But, once you really start listening to you, to that voice inside of you, those fears fall away. It is so healing to quiet the noise. To retreat and enjoy what truly nourishes us.
 Loved Ashley’s fun pop up techniques!

Again with the flaps. I really like them 🙂 

Perfect to hide a pretty pop up witch!

 And so we come to the last page and the conclusion to my tale:

So, did you guess that I was telling my own story? The story of my summer of unplugging and making space for myself. The Summer of Realigning with What I Need. I will be forever grateful to the Moors for the serenity they have given me.
And I am forever grateful to you who come here and read my words and look at what I have to say. I appreciate you very much. The end.
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