Hello all, welcome to week five…oh my, the Season is almost done! This week, I have three spreads, each with a quote. That is pretty rare for me! The first one is a quote from Terry Pratchett. I used it on the spread I made from Julia’s awesome inky forest tutorial.

The flap opens us to reveal both the forest and the Witch.

I had way too much fun making that forest! I used all the ink types from my arsenal and loved the process. I even added some glitter that I bought with Jules in London.

In the end, I was not brave enough to try the bleach but it’s definitely something to try at some point.

 The second spread features a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche. This is our heroine, but once again, I’ll let your figure out if I’m talking about the Witch or the Lady of the Moors.

I just love the different backgrounds playing together here.

And a final spread…with a flap!…featuring a quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner. this goes with the “common sense” prompt. I mean really, who wants to be like everyone else?

The flap opens to reveal the quote.

The roots here are a packing tape transparency that I thought wouldn’t work because it was on a newspaper type of paper. It turned out perfect! The lesson is take a chance sometimes!
I had lots of fun using Emk’s tutorial and drawings as templates for the wings. And I used some of the cool papers Becka sent me!

In this image you have the Witch, the Lady of the Moors and the princesses. I am definitely gearing up for the conclusion to my tale. I only have three spreads left in my journal!

How are your fairytales coming along? Don’t you just love this Season?

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