I waited until this week to compare my villain and my hero. I was inspired by Olivia’s lettering idea and decided to use it to explore both their personalities. I decided to use the same song for both, but different part of it. The song Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty. Let’s take a look at my villain, the Witch.

She wants to be loved. That is all. She doesn’t want to compromise, be changed or to bend to anyone’s will. But she wants to be loved.

Her heart strings are fragile and exposed to those who can see them.

On to my hero. The Lady of the Moors is the story of a transformation, of a coming into one’s own. The Witch is the catalyst that has helped the princess become the Lady of the Moors, to embrace her role. The Witch and the Lady have an as-of-yet unexplained bond. So when the Lady sought out the Witch, she recognized her. Hence my use of another part of the song for my hero.

The Lady’s armour is vulnerability.

The right page is called “who turned away first” and we see an image of the Witch (in the original Sleeping Beauty, she is called Carabosse) cursing Briar Rose. Slowly but surely, the roles of my protagonists are becoming clear.

Khaleesi finally got off my pile of paper and I was able to complete my mood board for The Lady of the Moors.

Lots of blue, soft lilac, grey, black and white.

 They are both here, the Lady and the Witch.

And finally, my take on Katie’s amazing geometric galaxies lesson. I am so looking forward to the rest of this class!

Remember to post your galaxies with the hashtag #gmpaintingglaxies for a chance to win a spot in the class.
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