Now that my tutorial has gone up on the private blog, I can show you my title page. My journal has lots of flaps which already make it interactive, but I love the idea of adding even more playfulness to it. For the first page, I have the princess on the flap…

…It opens to reveal the Lady of the Moors. On the top left part of the page is a hand cut phoenix. The Lady definitely identifies with the ‘rising out of the ashes’ notion. I added some gold leaf that turned out differently than expected…which happens to me all the time!

The wheel in the window turns to reveal the title and an image of the Lady. That gorgeous creature at the bottom is a Kirin (or Ki’lin in Chinese) an Asian unicorn (you may have seen it on the Kirin beer label).

The backside of that page flows into the transparency windows that I also shared in my tutorial. 

I started to decorate the edges of the cut out windows, but will try my hand at more gold leaf…maybe! I think of those gorgeous edgings in some older books and wanted to bring that feeling to my story.

I was mindful of where I put that photo of the Lady on the left: this way she is nicely placed in the window when I flip the pages.

I am still working on those first few pages, so I will share when they are done. Onward to this week’s ‘family’ prompt. It sparked something in me. In most fairytales, families are dysfunctional or violent or pushovers; I suppose the point is to make you feel better about your own family. In any case, these pages came out of this prompt.

The fun part is: is this the Lady’s family or is it the Witch’s ?

This week there was a super interesting conversation about repurposing old photo albums on Cait Sherwood’s instagram feed. I was really called by that conversation and that subject matter. It inspired me to use some of the photos I possess to further delve into the family history of my character. These pages are loose at the moment but I will add them to my journal, in between the spread above, at the end of the Season.
I used a reproduction of a Victorian photograph album that I found at goodwill. I love the images around the photos! How can I resist those butterflies? I added some stitching to each page. Again, I’m keeping this ambiguous as to which one of my characters I am talking about.

The last page for this series. In these frames I used silver plate photos, these are on metal plates, not photo paper. They are stunning and I love them so. They were in an old family album, no one knows who these people were.
You can’t tell in the photo, but someone added pink to the woman on the left’s cheeks.

 I shared these in the sequence that I will bind them. I loved spending time with these phantoms, the slow stitching giving me the opportunity to think on their lives, their fate, their identity…along with that of my characters.

I am looking forward to seeing your pages.
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