This week’s pages are heavily influenced by Transference, the new class at Get Messy! I will have a blog post on this class coming on Tuesday if you are curious about it. Last weeks we left the Lady of the Moors in the presence of the Witch. The central figure and the jackalope are transfers while the skull is a napkin glued down with matte medium.

I have been reunited with my dip pen and ink and I do love those splatters and the wonky thickness of the letters.

This spread is a take on the focus on a detail prompt. I started thinking about the colour red and its presence in so many fairytales: the apple in Snow White, the roses in Alice in Wonderland, the ruby shoes in the Wizard of Oz, the cloak in Red Riding Hood, every single princess’s lips, etc.

What secrets do these red elements hold? I focused on the roses because I love them and they have a special symbolic significance for me every since I read The Little Prince.

I imagine the Witch holds the secret of the Roses within her and gave it to the Lady. 
The Season of Contrast was all about hands but I feel this one is shaping up to be all about eyes!

One of my favourite stories is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. In one of the books, a witch Rhea of the Coos, examines a young maiden, Susan, and that scene came back to me full force while I was making the spread below. But in my story, the Witch is kind, her hands are gifting the lady with secrets.

The hands are an image transfer. Unfortunately, I used too much water and pulled up some of the image. So I outlined the image to try and pull up some of the details.

Then a transformation occurs, brought on by the Witch’s gift.

The butterfly wing is another transfer. It was more vivid when wet. I sealed it with matte medium thinking it would keep the saturation of the colour but instead it dulled it down.

As with any transformation or growth, the rest of the group may not always understand or be able to accept the changes a person has made.

This final spread was inspired by Riet’s fun prompt to include yourself in the spread.

This is a picture of me during our visit to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I printed it out on vellum. To hide my modern day clothes, I cut out the image of the dress and inserted her neck under my ponytail. You can just see my striped hoodie peeking out.

This black and white photo of me dates from 2004, when I visited la Pointe-du-Raz in Brittany, France. Loved walking those cliffs with my long black coat.

The writing is a packing tape transfer, which is my go to for transfers since it is so quick and easy to do. It is actually part of the free lesson for Transference.

I am loving the Season so much! What about you?

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