April was a very busy month for me as it was the launch of Art Witch Academy. So I didn’t have as much time as I may have wanted to to delve into get Messy’s Season of Failure.

I did manage to play the tutorial game on website which lead me to create the page above using a gold leaf tutorial by Torrie.

I also did the fabulous tutorial on trickster goddesses by my sister witch Emily!

I really loved Emily’s idea of using a trickster goddess as an illustration of our inner critic. In my case, I have an internal saboteur, a shadow that is really good at controlling me and tripping me up.

While researching there trickster gods, I came upon the Raven who often described as a trickster and this reminded me of an image of Morgan Le Fay that I had in a book.

I feel like Morgan Le Fay was someone who moved in the shadows and played a game behind the scenes that had many long lasting consequences. So I figured she was the perfect trickster goddess for my Season of Failure.

I added lots of glitter and shiny watercolor to my spread to make it extra magical and to tie it in to the gold leaf spread. We are all multi-faceted and if we come from a place of openness, how can anything we do be a failure?