We have reached the end of the Season of Dreams. I’m feeling it deep in my bones and in my ‘womanity’. This week is rough. I am really affected by what transpired in the US, even though I am not American. 
Let’s look at the Dreams side for this week. I made the background for this before the elections. While I was listening to CNN, I traced some Art Nouveau figures onto Dura-lar. And then I just stared in disbelief at the screen. I came back to these afterwards and wrote out Poe’s excellent ‘Dream within a dream’ poem.

 This first part deals about hope always being present event when you don’t see it.

This collage I made with remnants from my Project Life photo scraps. They absolutely represent me and the place of hope I was at before the elections came about.

That is an old Instax photo I took in 2014 when we were doing a prompt that was all about illustrating a song for Get Messy.

Now, on to the Nightmares side. This one features the last part of Poe’s poem. It has hopelessness at the the heart of it, the slipping of time like grains of sand through our hands.

These darker colours were made while watching the results roll in. We were watching tv, but the Chinese authorities stream everything with a delay in case they have to censor anything. So we kept checking our phones to see what was happening.

When Hillary conceded, I was outside walking to a practice for the Remembrance Day ceremony we will be participating in. And I started crying, in the street with my mask on. My children were confused and angry at Trump for making me cry. I had a visceral reaction. I felt like I had been punched.

I felt like the nightmare from a few week ago came true.

This one. And it did.

My journal is complete. I will be sharing a flip through soon.

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