Helloooooo! This week is flying by! We have friends here with us and are exploring the city. Plus I am working double time with Caylee and Lauren for the Totems class launch on Monday! Eeek!
So I did a wonky dream catcher for the Dreams side of my journal.

I wish you could see how these tiny sequins shine.

They are fingernail jewels given to my daughter 5 years ago!

The Nightmare version of the dreamcatcher looks more creepy.

I wanted it to have a spiderweb type of feel. 

I like the dangling bits and unfinished look of both of these dreamcatchers.
My next spread is for the Dreamscape. The colours are strongly based on Child of Light. That game is a dream to play!

I wanted to capture the happy feeling when you are in control of your dreams, when you are happily going from place to place.

I used lots of salt in the watercolours and love how it turned out.

For the Nightmares version, I inverted the colours used in the spread.

In this case I wanted to show how the plants can be an oppressive environment. Those dreams when you are trapped or stuck, in a vulnerable state.

This is the one that Khaleesi was lying down on and blotted the foot. She likes to leave her mark that one!
Thanks for coming by! I’m off to work on the class again!
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